Friday, June 29, 2012

Water Falls

Title: 'Water Falls"
Dimensions: 1500x750 px
Inspiration: Nature
Software: Gimp 2.8

Blur tool plays an important role to achieve water-color effect. I used soft brushes to lessen the time of blurring. Soft brush can will give you blurry edges.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Rivers and Mountains

Title: 'Just arount the river banks'
Inspiration: Nature
Size: 900x500 px
Software: Gimp 2.8

Tip for beginners: Always remember to put shadows of the objects above when you're painting waters or objects with high altitude.
I used Gimp 2.8 in all of my digital paintings, its an open source software and is very light in the system compared to Adobe Photoshop. Third party brushes are available for free.


Title: 'Chaos'
Dimension: 4000x3000 px
Inspiration: Imagination
Software: GIMP 2.8

With this image, I used four colors : Black , red, blue and white. Layering is the key here in putting fire behind buildings. Fires painted using open source download brushes.

"One day all our possessions will gone, but what we painted behind will last forever"


Title: 'Sunset Silhouettes'
Dimensions: 4000x1500
Inspiration : Nature
Software: Gimp 2.8

I painted this image using 3 kinds of brush : block 03 for terrains,tree ,skies and clouds; hardness 050 for sun, and brush i downloaded for twigs.

block 03 brush can give nice effect for terrains, use it by linear stroke, resizing it by pressing [ ] keys on  keyboard when resizing your brush.

Basically, I used Blue background before any layers for painting skies and waters, this can make you visualize how your new layers look like.


This is one of my first digital paintings using GIMP with the thought of Alps in my mind. I used brushes I downloaded from open sources in the internet. Colors, layering and brushes are main factors in doing digital painting.

Size: 4000x3000 px
Inspiration: Alps and snow

Software: Gimp 2.8